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10 Inch AB

Material: PP sediment combining with granular activated carbon Detail: With both effect of PP sediment and granular carbon filter cartridge, ensure the drinking water clear and safe

10 Inch Ceramic Candle

  • Ceramic (TA) **Length: 7",8",9",10"
  • Ceramic (Thailand) **Length:10"
  • Doulton Standard (England) **Length: 5",7",8",10"
  • Ceramic microfilter
  • Removes rust,sediment,dirt,etc…
  • Absolute Filtration:0.9micron

10 Inch K5605 Omnipure

12" INLINE PP Sediment - 1/4" Female NPT
  • Olsmopure inline sediment filters are used to eliminate sediment before it reaches sensitive equipment such as other filters, ice makers, coffee machines, pumps, R.O. units or purification systems
  • Filtration down to 1 micron is adequate to reduce cysts such as giardia and crytosporidium

10 Inch Olsmopure K5633 CB

12" INLINE Carbon Block - 1/4" Female NPT
  • This advanced method produces a strong, one piece block with an extended life
  • It is unsurpassed at removing chlorine, sediment, taste, odor and organic contaminants
  • High purity activated carbon and is designed to fit most standard household and commercial housings
  • Reduction of carbon fines release and elimination of channeling and bypass

10 Inch Olsmopure K5633 GAC

12" INLINE GAC - 1/4" Female NPT
  • Granulated Carbon (GAC) has long been utilized to reduce impurities in potable water
  • Ability to reduce dissolved organics and chemicals such as chlorine