Intelligent Instant Boiler WH-169-9A

Only 3 second for boiling water
  • Fast, Saving time & Energy
  • Purified Water mode
  • Cleaning mode
  • Fault Alarm
  • Child lock
  • 5 temperature ( 25ºC,40ºC,70ºC,85ºC,100ºC )
  • Stainless steel coating heating system
  • SS Think Film Heating System.
  • LCD Display Screen.
  • Five Button: Child Lock, Mode, Running Temperature, Capacity. ( Depend On Model)
  • Multi-Safety Protection Device Fault Alarm.
  • The Design Of Water Tanker With Preventing Dust From Entering Inside And Removable.
  • Being Intelligent To Control The Temperature With 25,40,70,85,98 ( Depend On Model).
  • Capacity Choice: 150ml, 230ml, 300ml.
  • Rate Of Flow For Outlet Spout: 8ML/S
  • 220V-240V~, 50/60HZ, 2000-2400W
  • Model: Choice: Tap Water Model, Purified Water Model, Cleaning Water Model.